Nuclear Axis Discovery By Mark Lerner

My Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982 & Why it is Important

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See my Nuclear Axis Feature (Upper Left) for an historical understanding of the Astrology of Atomic Energy.

Featured Story

A Total Lunar Eclipse Highlighting Mars

by Mark Lerner
07/26/2018 - Mark Lerner Astrology

It is being touted as the longest duration of a Total Lunar Eclipse this century and symbolically called the "Blood Moon," but in terms of astro-locality placements of major solar, lunar, and planetary energies around the globe, this Eclipse/Full Moon of July 27, 2018 can have vast ramifications -- socially, politically, economically and in military matters, not only now but for months to come. This feature has two main color charts and two key maps -- focused on the USA Northwest and, overseas, in the often volatile Middle East.

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Featured Story - Mark Lerner Astrology

Many charts accompany this feature highlighting the Partial Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon of July 12, 2018, the two-day NATO gathering in Brussels, and the secret 2+ hour meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin in Helsinki, Finland. Because of the powerful astrological cycles happening this month, you should definitely take a good look at this story and large number of horoscopes provided.

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Featured Story - Mark Lerner Astrology

The New Moon of June 13, 2018 has set in motion the current Immigration Crisis affecting our nation and the world. Here, on June 20, 2018, are the ABCs of the astrology connected to this important event -- along with a locality map that shows transiting Saturn going through the Texas-Mexico border at the time of this recent solar-lunar conjunction. Updated June 21, 2018. Mark Lerner - Publisher

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Featured Story

Chart for Trump-Kim Summit

by Mark Lerner
06/11/2018 - Mark Lerner Astrology

Handshake between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un happened at 9:04am local time on Tuesday June 12 in Singapore at the Capella Hotel -- whose name is identical to the brightest star in the constellation Auriga in the Northern Hemisphere. Capella is located at 22 degrees of Gemini and conjunct the Sun at this time -- which is also President Trump's Sun placement and opposite his Moon placement, and the transiting Sun and Capella are united with America's natal Mars from July 4, 1776 for this summit.

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Featured Story

The Undeclared War of 1992...Now #MeToo

Nancy de la Vierra
05/29/2018 - Mark Lerner Astrology

Note from Publisher Mark Lerner: Nancy de la Vierra wrote this remarkable feature in the summer of 1992 for our Welcome to Planet Earth magazine. Before we met in 1989, she had been married twice and suffered various types of severe abuse in both relationships. With the #MeToo movement now strong and pervasive in 2018, I am re-publishing her stunning insights from 26 years ago—insights that are both a testament to the centuries of degradation suffered by women at the hands of men and prescient about how our society is just beginning to wake up now to this hidden truth about rampant predatory behavior by the male side of the human species.

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Featured Story

A Thousand Bars

Nancy De La Vierra
03/26/2018 - Mark Lerner Astrology

A Message from Publisher Mark Lerner: Sometimes not recognized now with the #MeToo and #NeverAgain movements regarding sexual harassment and gun violence is the Trump Administration’s all-out, Undeclared War against Mother Nature, the Environment, and the Health of Planet Earth. This Cover Story in our Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine from 1992 by Nancy de la Vierra about the rapidly-decreasing, world-wide Lion population is more an eye-opener now than when it first ran 26 years ago.

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