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  • This section has to do with Environmental events that are significant around America and the world.

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Updated Section with Added Features! Clicking with your mouse on the map above reveals this Global Hot Spot story -- showing Mercury above and Saturn rising in the Midwest and East of the USA at the Full Moon of July 3, 2012. I add interpretation of this provocative, deadly astro-weather anomaly and planetary combination as an example of how and why this topic is important to study. Important!: We now have new features in this section -- in particular the recent Mars-Saturn conjunction of August 25, 2014 overhead through Syria, East Ukraine and Moscow (!), and, earlier last year, the March 16, 2014 Full Moon and Vernal Equinox March 20, 2014 maps (revealing Pluto in Capricorn nearly exactly setting in both in Washington, D.C.), the powerful Full Moon of January 15, 2014 revealing Mars rising through the USA East Coast and Saturn overhead close to where the Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics were held. Check out these crucial astro-features...Many Blessings, Mark Lerner -- Publisher