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With the 53rd Anniversary of the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas, TX this November, I am running our special Cover Story from Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine (March/April 2000 edition) -- which I published from 1981 - 2000. Once you understand the role that Chiron played on that horrible day of unforgettable wounds, as well as an exceedingly rare geometrical sky pattern, you will realize the profound links that connect humanity to other realms of consciousness and being. Mark Lerner - Publisher Earth Aquarius News

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Updated June 3 & 8, and July 5 & 27, Sept. 27 & Oct. 20: 2016 Election Special:Tracking Poll & with a Preliminary Projection on October 20 about Who will win the Election and Why. This article is a companion to EAN's special "A Chance For You To Choose The Next President." Click here to read that companion article.

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Special Offer for October 24 - October 27: Our Astrology Report section in the Shop our Store area is completed updated -- and includes sample reports in every category. Plus, receive a complimentary 6-month Sky Log Report (a $40 value) which focuses on your major transits and progressions -- starting October 1 or November 1, 2016. Find out how! Weekly Special

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Update (2016) on my Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982: I wrote this feature at the time of the shocking 9.0 Japan Earthquake in March 2011, and have now added an opening paragraph, and will be following this up with a lot more insights in the weeks and months ahead. This is some of the most important research I have ever done during my 43 years as a professional astrologer.

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Interested in learning Astrology? Consider Mark Lerner's School Of Planetary Studies on CD!

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Featured Book by Tom Bunzel, "If DNA is Software, Who Wrote The Code? The Profound Significance of Life's Programming Language. For a society addicted to computers -- this is a very profound question: Is software natural or artificial? 


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